About Us

As a full time photographer specializing in Weddings and all things Bridal I tell people "Wedding Photographer isn't just what I do, it's who I am"  I photographed my first wedding years ago after shooting in the commercial market for 2 years and knew that was what I wanted to do forever!  I love meeting the couples, hearing the love stories: where they met, was it love at first sight, how did the proposal happen..  and of course the wedding planning and how I can help bringing all those ideas, details and moments together in your wedding photography.  Your wedding photography will reflect you and your wedding day.  I have shot weddings all over the country and in Mexico resorts and every one has been wonderful and different.  

Our couples are not just clients and I refer to them as "our couples" because it is my responsibility and honor to capture the moments that make up the day.  They become part of my moments, my story, my life.   Some neighborhood kids selling candy bars for school came by, as I was getting my purse a little girl looked around at our presentation area where we have Bridal Portraits and wedding Canvases displayed and said "Are these all your family?"  In a way, yes they are.